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About Us

Phi Delta Chi is a local women's fraternity at Michigan Technological University. We are a close-knit group that strives to maintain our values:

Friendship, Loyalty, Independence, and Trust.



Colors: Navy Blue and Forest Green


Flowers: White Rose and Forget-Me Not 

Stone: Blue Lace Agate

Motto: Unique and Growing

Unofficial Motto: Just being social

Mascot: Velociraptor

Founding Date: March 6th 1989

Fun Facts

Screenshot 2024-04-12 163916.png

In September 1978, the White Roses were founded as a little sister organization of the Michigan Tech chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma National Fraternity. Ten years later, Sigma Tau Gamma National voted to dissolve all little sister organizations affiliated with the Fraternity. The White Roses of Michigan Tech chose to continue their sisterhood by forming their own local women's fraternity, Phi Delta Chi. ​Phi Delta Chi was founded on March 6, 1989 by 20 outstanding women. These women were later joined by some of the members of Sig Pi's Sweethearts program when that was also disbanded. We are currently the youngest women's fraternity on campus.


Our Values


We strive to stay loyal to each other as a sisterhood. From showing up for each other when we need it to fulfilling obligations we stay loyal.


This value encourages sisters to develop their individuality and character while simultaneously creating a strong community.


We trust our sisterhood to support us, to take pride in Phi Delta Chi, and to support the sisterhood through participation, communication, and understanding.


Friendship is built on our other three values. We value the relationships we have within our sisterhood and hold onto the bonds we have made forever.

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